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A review of studies published in Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy in 2018 suggests that this plant may improve conditions such as hormonal imbalances and polycystic ovary syndromePCOS

The Shatavari plant is a thorny climbing vinewith white fragrant flowers and red berriesit is relatively abundant in many parts of IndiaThe part of the plant used as both food and as an herbal supplement is the rootwhich has a long white tuber12 All herbal companies have a choice in gathering Shatavarilike most other herbsthey can be harvested on private farms where sustainability can be managedor they may be wild-harvested legally from their natural habitatsand sometimes they are taken illegallythreatening long-term sustainabilityTo ensure sustainabilityBanyan sources Shatavari that has been cultivated on privately owned farms.

More study is neededbut researchers suggest understanding how shatavari impacts blood sugar may hold the key to the development of new diabetes treatments.

100vegetarianFree from sugarartificial colorsartificial flavorspreservativesand gelatin.

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long before hot flashes arrive, women use shatavari to enhance their fertility and to get in the mood.



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